Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Staying Grounded in the Business

When I see all these crazy stories about these young starlettes that are going crazy, on drugs, or have bratty attitudes I don't judge them as fast as the next man. Having grown up in the business as a child actor I can say that is easier than you think to be a spoiled brat especially if your home foundation is not functioning in reality.  Being in the business as a child is a weird thing because you get certain priviledges than most children don't get from gifts to your opinions being heard and considered over adults to less time restrictions on school work etc... But its not all fun and games you also loose out on some of the normal things sometimes like friends and family birthday parties, sleep overs and other things that children not in the biz might take for granted.   So there is a ying and a yang to everything but the key to a humble and grounded kid in the business is a strong foundation at home and in closest surrounding of the child.  My mom was no stage mom, thank the lord.  Often times would I would wrap on set the first thing on my mind was can I go to my cousins house to play.  In a land of dreams and false realities it is always good to come back to reality after work.  Some children never break from the fantasy and think they are free from all consequences, free from all hurts and pains.
I think it depends on the childs interest as well. Much like a parent of a football kid who one day wakes up and decides they want to do another sport or another hobby all together even though they have put so much money into camps and training and programs. Hopefully the kids gets to change their mind. Well I think the same goes for a child actor. When I decided that I wanted to dive full force into a school play and not go on that audition we decided that my training was more important at that stage in my life for my mental development.  When I decided I wanted the full college experience to live on campus and just "Do" school I got full support from my mom to take a break from professional show biz.  Some might think and have said to me are you crazy why would you stop you were up to a movie a year that was a silly decision to stop. But it wasn't I learned so much about my passions and beliefs outside of show biz in college and then went on to study overseas in Europe which gave me a whole different perspective on the world as well as theater not just in england but we traveled all through spain and scotland during that year. Being at UC Santa Cruz shaped my activist mind and adopting the whole notion of uplifting someone higher than yourself has been one of the best life lessons ever.  Going on to New York for grad school at The Actors Studio Drama School  at New School University to get my Masters of Fine arts.  All of these rich experiences that I might not have gotten if I had shut the world out to chase the next audition at that time in my life.  I love acting and I love that I am living in my purpose but I also have few regrets in my development from child to adult because of the freedom to live.   Try not to be surrounded my yay sayers. Keep people who you trust around you keep family that have your best interest around. Work hard but don't forget to live so you can look back on a variety of memories.
I have been paying taxes since I was 8, and although I caught the bug at an early age I was not a slave to my profession.  Now as an adult getting back into the swing of things in the biz is another story for another time. Until then over and out.

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