Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lead Vocals on Promise To Remember Me Campaign

In September the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation aske me to  record lead vocals on the Promise to Remember Me campaign song.  It was shown at the annual Juvenile diabetes walk at Dodger Stateuim for millions of people. Such  wonderful experience working with all the type one children. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas is coming give a innovative gift


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Niketa Calame
To find out more information you can call me and i can order for you or you can register on my website and click on more products at the top and then the drop down click on ribbon gift collection

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Niketa Calame Red Carpet Interview Clip

Lion King Premiere Weekend

Young Nala, Adult Nala, Rafiki and Directors

Such a wonderful experience.  The hype around The Lion King 3d Premiere at the El Capitan August 27th 2011 was even greater than the 1994 original release. Simply amazing!  All the little kids who came to see The Lion King in 94 were now bringing their kids to see the 3D release.  The cameras were out the interviewers were out and the fans were def. out.  When we moved into the theater we were greeted with complimentary pop corn and sodas.  A man center stage was playing wonderful Disney music on this huge phantom of the opera style organ.  When the lights dim and the curtains rose thunderous applause filled the theater.  Then the opening as soon as you hear that African voice chant as the the sun starts to rise on the African horizon another thunderous applause from kids adults and elders many generation of Lion King fans.  Then circle of life ends and the icon in red THE LION KING with black background pops and another thunderous applause happens.  Simply Amazing.  Kids and Adults were engrossed in the film its amazing how an animated film can hold so much weight across the ages.  People laughed and there were even some tears when Mufasa died.  After the film ended another Thunderous Applause happened. I was on cloud nine to know that I was apart of such a classic such a great piece of classic animation and it touched so many people. 
The after party was just as amazing.  There was wonderful food everywhere. A live African Band and African dancers, arts and craft stations for the kids, flip book photo station with timon and rafiki, Wolfgang puck desserts, animated drawing station.

Friday, August 5, 2011

James Lipton giving me a shot out on Inside The Actors Studio (scroll to 30:32)

Scroll to 30:32 on the clip to see James Lipton give me a shot out for being the voice of nala in The Lion King

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lion King in 3D

The Lion King 3D         To hit theaters September 13, 2011
Dont miss Niketa Calame as the voice of Young Nala in Disneys' 32nd Animated Feature Film The Lion King hitting theaters in 3D for a limited time September 16, 2011 and Blue Rey Release in October       

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teaching you either have it or you dont

Some actors wait tables I teach.  My side gig to subliment inbetween gigs lol has been to teach musical theater, drama and dance to young artist.  I have recently discovered that I actually have a passion for it and am pretty good at it. Reaching into to those little minds to pull out their full potential for the stage is an art of mine that God has given me. I have always been an enrichment teacher since grad school teaching kindergarden - 12th grade in New York city and Los Angeles. This summer San Fransisco calls.  My first hired out gig as a Master teacher and it feels so good I cant wait to go.  This summer I am also teaching on my own without the umbrella of someone elses foundation which is also exciting.

I am holding a 12 session musical theater class for kids 7-15 for only $120. 
Wednesday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am
@ Dance Fantasy Productions 10600 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood Ca

First class is Saturday June 4th
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Registered my First Screenplay

So A few months ago I had the inspiration to write a short film.  I have been in over 7 weddings in the past few years and I have not been even close to getting proposed to. So I wrote a film called "Never The Bride". I regisitered it with The Writers Guild of America April 1, 2011. Im so excited to start pre production. I am carefully picking my team and starting to research funding sources.  I wrote with my cast inind.  I could hear each person I picked speaking the words I wrote. I need a director who is great with the technical aspects of things because my cast is so amazing he is not goin gto have to do a lot of actor coaching I need for the visuals to be as strong as the actors.  So here we go the start of my writing career I will keep you posted. I hope to start filming in August or October.  Im looking to raise 5,000 in six months.  Festivals and film competitions here we come.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Settling Into Yourself

So march has been amazing for me thus far. I just got back from a wonderful trip to DC working one of my charities American Diabetes Association.  I headed to NY after to see all my Actors Studio Friends and headed back home to 2 major auditions.  My first audition National Tour of Mama Mia and a CGI animated feature film in the style of Across The Universe.  I prepped for a week for both and it payed of f in the audition.  I am really starting to settle in with myself with respect to the whole "audition process". I was prepared I went into those casting rooms thinking I am the only person suitable for this part so let me do what I do and you decide Mr casting guy lol.  Just thinking that before I went in gave my body permission to relax, a sincere smile showed up on my face and I do believe they met the authentic version of myself and not that needing to please casting i want this role so bad cant you tell by my ginormous grin and annoying laugh at your unfunny jokes self.  Every now and then even the best actor has those moments lol you just have to tell yourself to relax, you got this, you found your passion in life now embrace it, trust, make a choice and have fun.
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

On my way to my first major audition of the year at Warner brothers