Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

 New year turned out to be wonderful. We 

ended up at SPOONFUL a soulfood 

restaurant owned by my Aint Misbehavin 

castmate Dedrick Bonner. SPOONFUL is 

right by universal studios so we got to run 

outside and catch the fireworks. The fruity 

drinks were being delivered every 30 min by 

Mr. bonner and Ms. Amber sang a few songs 

on the bar to make the night just a wonderful  way to bring in the new year.
 I love that the new year is here. I am ready 

for all of the excitment it has to offer.  A lot 

of changes happened in 2012 and hopefully

that was to gear us up for a frand 2013.  Alot

of growth, alot of hardship, alot of love, alot 

of anger, alot of hurt, alot of triumpth and 

excitement we are leaving behind in 2012.

My cousins moving back from South Carolina,  my godsister is going to have a little boy and two of my friends are having their second babies.  Got some new agents 
 this year. Abrams Artist for Voice Over, 

Rogers Orion for Theatrical and Stage and 

Media Artist Group for Commercial.  I want 

to work it to the limit this year. I pray for a 

a few National Commercials and at least two

major studio films, and grand number of 

television guest star roles, and to top it off 

some great theater experiences.  

our little new years eve celebration caught on tape :)