Monday, April 4, 2011

Registered my First Screenplay

So A few months ago I had the inspiration to write a short film.  I have been in over 7 weddings in the past few years and I have not been even close to getting proposed to. So I wrote a film called "Never The Bride". I regisitered it with The Writers Guild of America April 1, 2011. Im so excited to start pre production. I am carefully picking my team and starting to research funding sources.  I wrote with my cast inind.  I could hear each person I picked speaking the words I wrote. I need a director who is great with the technical aspects of things because my cast is so amazing he is not goin gto have to do a lot of actor coaching I need for the visuals to be as strong as the actors.  So here we go the start of my writing career I will keep you posted. I hope to start filming in August or October.  Im looking to raise 5,000 in six months.  Festivals and film competitions here we come.
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