Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Niketa Calame Red Carpet Interview Clip

Lion King Premiere Weekend

Young Nala, Adult Nala, Rafiki and Directors

Such a wonderful experience.  The hype around The Lion King 3d Premiere at the El Capitan August 27th 2011 was even greater than the 1994 original release. Simply amazing!  All the little kids who came to see The Lion King in 94 were now bringing their kids to see the 3D release.  The cameras were out the interviewers were out and the fans were def. out.  When we moved into the theater we were greeted with complimentary pop corn and sodas.  A man center stage was playing wonderful Disney music on this huge phantom of the opera style organ.  When the lights dim and the curtains rose thunderous applause filled the theater.  Then the opening as soon as you hear that African voice chant as the the sun starts to rise on the African horizon another thunderous applause from kids adults and elders many generation of Lion King fans.  Then circle of life ends and the icon in red THE LION KING with black background pops and another thunderous applause happens.  Simply Amazing.  Kids and Adults were engrossed in the film its amazing how an animated film can hold so much weight across the ages.  People laughed and there were even some tears when Mufasa died.  After the film ended another Thunderous Applause happened. I was on cloud nine to know that I was apart of such a classic such a great piece of classic animation and it touched so many people. 
The after party was just as amazing.  There was wonderful food everywhere. A live African Band and African dancers, arts and craft stations for the kids, flip book photo station with timon and rafiki, Wolfgang puck desserts, animated drawing station.

Friday, August 5, 2011

James Lipton giving me a shot out on Inside The Actors Studio (scroll to 30:32)

Scroll to 30:32 on the clip to see James Lipton give me a shot out for being the voice of nala in The Lion King

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Lion King in 3D

The Lion King 3D         To hit theaters September 13, 2011
Dont miss Niketa Calame as the voice of Young Nala in Disneys' 32nd Animated Feature Film The Lion King hitting theaters in 3D for a limited time September 16, 2011 and Blue Rey Release in October       

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