Thursday, August 23, 2012

great audition experience

So I had an audition with Micheal Donovan one of the biggest stage casting directors in LA. So I walk into the room he complements me on how I look for the audition for Ain't Misbehavin. I give my music to the pianist. I sing Distant and the director tells me to do it again with an adjustment. Then there is silence I'm like do they want me to say thank you or do they want more. He says work on that song at home with what I talked about. And my heart began to crush as I rushed to my car feeling very untalented. Just as I'm about to drive off the casting associate says they want to see me again. I go back in and the girl who was next was out in the waiting room again. I walk in and they ask for another song. I give the pianist " Don't get around much anynorw" by the duke one of my gave and they start smiling. Director gives me another adjustments that just opens my voice and I belted out the jazzy tune. They were like yes that's it put that first song away we were about to diregaurd you. They said I light up the room and I have a wonderful voice like a yee I start crying and saying thank u. Choreographer said I light up the room as well. Lesson one pick songs that really bring out your true personality. Lesson two don't leave so quickly after your audition just in case. Lesson three always believe that u are good enough.