Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Settling Into Yourself

So march has been amazing for me thus far. I just got back from a wonderful trip to DC working one of my charities American Diabetes Association.  I headed to NY after to see all my Actors Studio Friends and headed back home to 2 major auditions.  My first audition National Tour of Mama Mia and a CGI animated feature film in the style of Across The Universe.  I prepped for a week for both and it payed of f in the audition.  I am really starting to settle in with myself with respect to the whole "audition process". I was prepared I went into those casting rooms thinking I am the only person suitable for this part so let me do what I do and you decide Mr casting guy lol.  Just thinking that before I went in gave my body permission to relax, a sincere smile showed up on my face and I do believe they met the authentic version of myself and not that needing to please casting i want this role so bad cant you tell by my ginormous grin and annoying laugh at your unfunny jokes self.  Every now and then even the best actor has those moments lol you just have to tell yourself to relax, you got this, you found your passion in life now embrace it, trust, make a choice and have fun.
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