Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering The Icon Michael Jackson

"We've been, Together, For Such A Long Time, The Music, Music and Me...Don't Care, Whether, Our Songs Rhyme... The Music, Music, and Me" ...Michael Jackson

I don't think I can remember any part of my youth without thinking about the music of Michael Jackson. My earliest memory of his music and me was my first ballad which was BEN well that and Lets Wait Awhile from Janet Jackson. I remember performing numerous Michael Jackson hits in my living room for my mothers VHS camcorder. Learning the whole Thriller Dance and performing it in front of whoever whenever the song came on. Watching every new premiere of a Michael Jackson video cause back then it premiered on regular television for all to see at 8:00pm every single new Michael Jackson video.

Then there was MOONWALKER the movie, I played that movie so much the sound goes up and down in certain areas of the VHS tape. Note to self maybe its time to transfer it to DVD and yes I still have a VHS player, at least I didn't say beta lol. Awe MOONWALKER what a genius making a mini movie that included music videos to the whole album BAD not to mention video clips from earlier Jackson moments. I cryed with MAN IN THE MIRROR and grooved with SMOOTH CRIMINAL (shot out to Brandon Adams who "taught him everything he knows" lol)and was introduced to the Beatles through Mike's COME TOGETHER version of the Beatles classic rock song. I think that was the first artist who had done such a thing make a whole movie out of his album that is. Anyway Michael's music videos told stories they were actually related to what the song was about imagine that. They were mini movies that could be watched over and over again.

The Dangerous Album reminds me of my dancing days at Regina's School Of Performing Arts that was on Labrea near Wilshire. Awe the days where teaching hip hop in a dance studio was unheard of in LA. But Regina fostered that out here in LA and that one dance floor studio with the two dressing rooms in the back two bathrooms midway on the dance floor and the info desk and office in the front was home to some of today's great hip hop Choreographers. I remember taking Fatima's hip hop class when I was a little girl who went on to choreograph the REMEMBER THE TIME video and the rest just went up from there for her. I even remember some of the Jackson's stopping through as so many artist of the 90's did back then.

Oh and when Michael lost his video virginity and got all down in the dirt with Naomi Campbell in KEEP IT IN THE CLOSET. We all rooted for Mike when he kissed Iman in Remember the Time even though I saw that light and space in between their lips, not so smooth Mike, but at least their lips did actually touch. You cant forget the Dangerous tour who can pop on stage with a gold g string suit over some shiny black flooding pants and stand still for like 30 minutes before starting the concert and still remain a G "Michael Jackson" thats who lol.

Not only was he an ICON, one of the Greatest Performers of all times and the King of Pop but he was a craftsman. Held his music integrity and was always pushing boundaries with sounds and visions of how it would be presented. I wish more artist who call themselves artist would care a little more about thier art, their voice, their sound, their music. Maybe their music would transend through the decades and become timeless classics like every single one of Michaels songs. But there can only be one Michael Jackson and he will be missed by all. But The Music will always and forever be with me!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Working with Infiniti Productions in a week. So excited theme: 40's classic hollywood. Pics coming soon for viewing.

Friday, June 12, 2009