Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Booked a Co-Star on sitcom

Yes booked my first Co- Star for the year right before my birthday. The show was The Millers a sticom with live studio audience which I loved. It was a three day booking which was a nice sag rate just in time for the wedding fund. The first day was a table read. I couldn't believe I was sitting at a table reading with beau bridges, Sean Hayes, will arnett, allvwhile director James burrows (created of cheers, Dir of will and grace) was listening on. Then we moved on to blocking rehearsal. That was a Friday my birthday. The weekend my fiance and I headed up to Santa Barbera for the weekend and stayed in an Airbnb location and was cute cozy and quaint. Heading back to set Monday for a camera rehearsal and then lunch. Tuesday was taping day got moved to a dressing room closer to stage that was nice. Mom and fiance got to come and chill in my dressing room before the show and meet some of the cast that was cool for them. Taping time came nailed my scene and came out for my bows. Such a great experience. Love what I do.