Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"A Moms Hands" by: Niketa Calame

“A Moms Hands”

Your Hands reached out for me when I was crying from the shock of this new world
Such tears of joy from seeing you finally had your little girl
Your hands reached out for me and held me close to your heart
That steady beat that comforts a newborn baby, clearly gods work of art.
Those hands reached out for me when I needed to eat, needed to sleep, needed to release and needed to try and speak to you, mumbled sounds trying to form the words I love you, thank you for taking care of me, thank you for keeping me safe

Those hands drove me to and fro, as I started to grow,  and get involved. To school, to rehearsal, to dance class, to birthday parties, to slumber parties, to church. 
Never a complaint, just the satisfied look at what your creation was becoming, overcoming, running this race of life, your hands have passed the baton, 
your hands consistently say good job carry on.

How the tables turn as we live and learn. Because of your unconditional love my hands have turned into your hands. My hands have reached out to your when you needed to eat, 
when you needed to bathe, when you needed to sleep. 
A childs returned love is the direct result of what a mothers hands have nurtured.

You have fought your way into this world and you have fought your way past death. God has put you to test after test and has blessed you with yet one more year. Years that doctors thought were not promised to you but God said it isn’t time yet so you just enjoy life and slow dance for a while and realize that everything will be fine when you let your God light shine.

Like the giving tree you give and give but in this chapter of your life its time to receive and let bygons be.  Live your life young mother live your life. And when its time to lay down the final time years and years and years from now, We will all say well done young Mother well done, Your hands can lay to rest you have done your absolute best!

Love you Mom,

Niketa Calame