Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teaching you either have it or you dont

Some actors wait tables I teach.  My side gig to subliment inbetween gigs lol has been to teach musical theater, drama and dance to young artist.  I have recently discovered that I actually have a passion for it and am pretty good at it. Reaching into to those little minds to pull out their full potential for the stage is an art of mine that God has given me. I have always been an enrichment teacher since grad school teaching kindergarden - 12th grade in New York city and Los Angeles. This summer San Fransisco calls.  My first hired out gig as a Master teacher and it feels so good I cant wait to go.  This summer I am also teaching on my own without the umbrella of someone elses foundation which is also exciting.

I am holding a 12 session musical theater class for kids 7-15 for only $120. 
Wednesday nights at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am
@ Dance Fantasy Productions 10600 Victory Blvd. North Hollywood Ca

First class is Saturday June 4th
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